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Embroidery Set

Landscape Embroidery Equipment List

Fabric - A stiffer fabric works best to keep tension of thread - so avoid very light cottons, satins and stretch jersey. If you have anything you can upcycle - old shirts, jeans etc. Or you can embroider directly onto clothes you still wear

Thread - Embroidery Thread

Needle - I tend to use a long darner needle for embroidery - for miniature work the thinner the

needle the better

Embroidery Hoop



Photograph or image you’d like to copy

Pendant Bezel - This is optional and only if you are looking to make into a piece of Jewellery - lots of options available online.

Cuppa! - a vital piece of equipment in my opinion!! it is a social event as well as learning!

During the session you will learn a few embroidery stitches and techniques to enable you to start a project of your own.

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