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Screen Printing Materials


Lino Printing Workshop 

Lino printing is a form of fine art printmaking where the printing plate is cut into lino. Yes, lino as in linoleum, as in the floor covering! It gives fabulous creative results. Learn how to lino print and create some beautiful geometric designs.

One of the more unusual craft classes in Edinburgh, this one will see you guided by an expert teacher as you explore the art of lino printing, taking inspiration from artists such as Matisse. You'll focus on creating simple geometric shapes to make beautiful patterns and designs.

During your class, you will learn how to transfer a design onto your lino and cut safely using a variety of marks and tools. You'll also be shown how to mix and roller the ink to the correct consistency to achieve a great print.

After practising your new skills, you'll begin to print onto good quality paper, blank cards, or fabric. Your teacher will provide all of this for you but you can bring a t-shirt or similar garment if you'd like to print your design onto something you can wear!

By the end of this Edinburgh craft class, you'll have one or two of your own linocuts which you can take away with you and use again and again to print onto new materials. You'll also have your own bespoke lino printed item to take home, as well as the skills and knowledge you need to continue lino printing independently.

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