Botanical Embroidery Class



Dates: 23/02 

Total Duration: 6 hr

Sunday 11am - 5pm

Be inspired by nature during this class - spend the day in the studio learning embroidery techniques whilst making a beautiful hand stitched embroidery piece.

Learn various embroidery stitches to create beautiful embroidered wall hangings, hoops, patchwork panels for quilts and more!

A relaxing day to spend time with friends, meet new people and learn a new skills. 

Design your own embroidery and learn new skills.

This class is open to complete beginners as well as embroiderers of all experience.

All materials included.

Miniature Landscape Embroidery Class

This class will teach you basic embroidery stitches to create beautiful landscape art - whether you are in the studio, at home, hiking, out and about or traveling you can create gorgeous memories of scenes - an amazing keepsake or gift - a fabric postcard!

A social class where you will meet lots of other creative folks looking to learn new skills.

Tutor will share her embroidery and travel experiences whilst teaching you stitches, composition, colour blending and more!

All materials are included as well as tea, coffee, light snacks and hoops to take your beautiful landscape design home.



Dates: 08/11 

Total Duration: 4.25 hr

Sunday 12.30pm - 4.45pm



Dates: 27/09 

Total Duration: 6 hr

Sunday 11am - 5pm

151 London Road, Studio 5.10           Contact Ali: Email or Telephone 07807124697