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Colorful Thread Spools

Sashiko Embroidery Equipment List

Fabric - whatever you have really! - stiffer fabric works best to keep tension of thread - so avoid very light cottons, satins and stretch jersey. If you have anything you can upcycle - old shirts, jeans etc. Or you can embroider directly onto clothes you still wear - Sashiko is also a mending process so you can use to patch over holes in garments etc. - traditionally Sashiko is blue and white  but don’t worry about that for now.


Thread - there are threads specifically made for Sashiko - they are quite thick and almost like a string but you can use ordinary embroidery threads - even wool if you want a a very bold pattern and machine threads though this will be fiddly and will give a very subtle effect - so again whatever you already have around the house.


Needle - Again you can buy needles specifically for Sashiko - I tend to use a long darner needle with a relatively big eye - as the thread is thick you need something you can thread easily - must have sharp point.


Chalk or pencil - we need to draw our design onto the fabric so if you are using a dark coloured fabric a while or light coloured pencil will work best and just an ordinary pencil if using light coloured fabric. - I’ve just bought Glass marking pencils which are even better than chalk or regular white pencil - available online - Apsara, glass marking pencils.




Cuppa! - a vital piece of equipment in my opinion!! it is a social event as well as learning!

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